Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vail Discounted Ski Rental, Repair, Tuneups, Storage Lockers

It's not to early to think about skiing and riding!  Ski Valet is a full service ski and snowboard shop with three convenient locations.  
Tommy's Tunes is located in the SkiHaus building just before the Vista Baun in Vail Village, featuring a new Wintersteiger Discovery SF machine (one of only four in Colorado). LOCATION
Daily Locker Rental: $10/person/day (ski and poles)
Ski Valet Rental Shop located next to Old Forge Pizza in Lionshead. Located just steps from the Gondola in Lionshead, we will store your skis and boots overnight.  If you need wax,  storage is included.  Here you may also keep your street shoes in our day lockers while you are out enjoying the slopes.  Just come in after your day, drop your skis off, change out of your boots and head to the hot tub or to Bart and Yetis for an apre' ski cocktail! LOCATION
Daily Locker Rental: $15/person/day (ski, poles and boots - with dryer)
Tommy's Locker Room located right on all the bus routes in Lionshead... in the concert hall plaza in west Lionshead. LOCATION
Locker Rental: $25/day or $1,100 per year (ski equipment for 4 people).


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